Monday, May 11, 2015

Reading momentum.

Reading the momentum is key to trading success. Notice in the following sequence how the  QQQ gives confirmation to the trade. Both TNA and QQQ are moving in sync. Short and long the signals are the same, increasing and decreasing volume pulls and pushes the stock lower and higher. Buyers and sellers alternate the control. Bounces and pops happen. Take advantage of the nice trading range of TNA.
TNA short.
Chart left is 5 min, center is 15 min, right is 5 min QQQ. Falling volume on QQQ of the bounce is the cue to get into the trade. Stop is placed above near time wicks. Green line indicates short entry, red line is the stop.

Doubled down size on the short. QQQ is doing the same thing. I'm riding with the momentum.

Covered it after that massive volume candle.

Bought it on the bounce. Red line is the long entry, green line is the stop.

Sold it. Momentum is slowing, look at the falling volume.

Went short, but stop was hit.

Waited a bit longer this time to short, placed stop above wick at previous bounce.

Covered 15 minutes before the close.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lots of dead links after 3 years away so here are updates starting with the easy ones. I will redo and also expand the affirmations shortly.

Power of Concentration book

Radio links- choose your own style that will help you maintain inner peace. Instrumentals are best.